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1 come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation; "The dress clings to her body"; "The label stuck to the box"; "The sushi rice grains cohere" [syn: cling, cleave, adhere, stick]
2 cause to form a united, orderly, and aethestically consistent whole; "Religion can cohere social groups"
3 have internal elements or parts logically connected so that aesthetic consistency results; "the principles by which societies cohere"

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con- + hærere, to stick together.


  1. To stick together physically, by adhesion or figuratively by common purpose.
    Separate molecules will cohere because of electromagnetic force.
  2. To be consistent as part of a group.
    Members of the party would cohere in the message they were sending.


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

accord, adhere, agglomerate, agree, answer to, assent, associate, assort with, be consistent, be of one, be uniform with, blend, bunch, check, check out, chime, clasp, cleave, clinch, cling, cling to, clot, cluster, coagulate, coalesce, coincide, combine, come together, communicate, comport, concur, conform, conform with, congeal, conglomerate, connect, consist with, converge, cooperate, correspond, dovetail, embrace, fall in together, fit in, fit together, freeze to, fuse, go, go together, go with, grasp, grow together, hang on, hang together, harmonize, hit, hold, hold on, hold together, hug, intercommunicate, interlock, intersect, jibe, join, knit, lock, mass, match, meet, merge, overlap, parallel, persist, register, register with, respond to, set, sing in chorus, solidify, sort with, square, square with, stand together, stay, stay put, stick, stick together, take hold of, tally, unite
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